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Rodney Vullapah

Courtier immobilier

Téléphone : 450.462.4414
Cellulaire : 514.814.0054
Télécopieur : 514.669.3369
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Désignations: B.A.
Langues parlées: Creole / Créole, French / Français, English / Anglais
À propos de moi: While obtaining my bachelors degree in Economics I worked in the Canadian Banking Industry and came away with a wealth of knowledge after 7 years. My passion for real estate continued after my banking days and I spent 10 years in Property Management learning the day to day, short and long term strategies of real estate investing. I'm presently active as an investor and enjoying hands on management with my team. However, my true thrill is sharing my experiences and helping others with their real estate needs and objectives.

Alex Vallée

Courtier Immobilier

Cellulaire : 438.822.1123
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Langues parlées: French / Français

Caroline Vandal

Agente immobilière

Téléphone : 450.466.4644
Cellulaire : 514.216.7953
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